My name is Zemen Marrugi and I am an educator.   I have spent the past nine years in the field of education as a classroom teacher and a school administrator in Detroit, Michigan. Over the years, I learned a lot of great tips on how to built a successful classroom and I have committed my life to sharing my knowledge with other teachers, parents, and students.

My main goal is to build more powerful rigorous classrooms that challenge every child to achieve their absolute best. I believe in empowering teachers and providing them with the resources and training needed to lead a classroom of proficient students.

If you are interested in inviting me to speak to you staff, please click on the services tab to learn more about the type of workshops I offer.  Also, check out my blog and my Teachers Pay Teachers page for all sorts of goodies.  I share great tips and ideas on how to become an effective teacher.

Until next time, keep teaching and remember that our number one objective as teachers is to make sure we provide every child the opportunity to succeed. I'm here to help you build a classroom of proficient students!

-Zemen Marrugi, M.Ed.

Educator, Writer