Professional Development by Zemen Marrugi

Zemen Marrugi provides training for school professionals on various topics. Two of her most popular presentations are 'Effectively Incorporating Writing in Your Classroom," and "Behavior Management Strategies."

Educator, Writer

Effectively Incorporating Writing

In Your Classroom

As a classroom teacher, Ms. Marrugi does a great job motivating her students to become strong writers. She creatively incorporates writing with all subjects and has taken cross curriculum to a whole new level. In 2013, one of her Writing Club students was a national finalist with the National Campaign to Stop the Violence's essay contest. The student, her parent and Ms. Marrugi were all invited to Washington, D.C. when the student's work was added to the Library of Congress.  Marrugi witnessed her own student win the same contest she herself had won when she was a Middle School student in 1996.    Today, Marrugi provides writing workshops for schools so that more teachers effectively incorporate writing in their classroom.